Hi, I’m Carlos!

My story doesn’t begin with me picking up a camera at a young age and suddenly wanting to be a photographer (that didn’t happen until my pre-teen years). In fact, if you were to travel back in time to ask my 5-year old self what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you a singer. Yup, I legit wanted to transform into Michael Jackson, and my parents were too nice to crush my 5-year old dreams, so they went along with it buying me the glove, the glitter socks, red leather jacket and microphone. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t the next MJ!

Luckily, somewhere along the way, I realized being a singer wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be, along with a few other career choices. I always knew I wanted to serve others while still doing something I enjoyed — so, enter PHOTOGRAPHY!

Getting to serve my clients for 10 years is such a privilege and something I look forward to each time I prep for a photo session.

Some Other Things About Me and My Favorite Things

Plant-based food. Me a vegan? Yup, that’s right! I’m still trying to enjoy vegan cheese.
Georgia. I was born in Alabama, but I love everything about Georgia, especially the Bulldogs! Go Dawgs!
Marching Bands. I was once a drum major in my high school band.
Target. Need I say more? Who doesn’t love Target?
Talenti Gelato. I think I’ve tried every flavor they make.